As a network focused on “Building Churches that Advance the Kingdom” one of our core values is reproducing – seeing the multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches.

And, as we continue rebuilding after the COVID season, the LifeLinks Apostolic Team believes itʼs vital we zero in on how to “Multiply” throughout our network – and become the movement God intends us to be.

Neil Cole, experienced church planter and author has this to say about multiplication:

“If we cannot multiply churches, we will never see a movement. If we cannot multiply leaders we will never multiply churches. If we cannot multiply disciples, we will never multiply leaders. The way to see a true church multiplication movement is to multiply healthy disciples, then leaders, then churches, and finally movements-in that

To help us with this important focus we have special guest speakers Gianni and Angela Gaeta from Vienna, Austria. The Gaetaʼs know all about multiplication as they now have fifteen Life Churches planted in Austria and Italy. Theyʼre excellent leaders whoʼve created a thriving network from scratch and have much insight and wisdom to share with us all.

Weʼll also have the opportunity to glean from other LifeLinks leaders whoʼll be leading helpful and informative workshops on a variety of leadership topics that should enhance our overall fruitfulness.
I believe this will be a pivotal moment in the life of our LifeLinks network and I encourage you to join us in October.

Hope to see you in Winnipeg for “Multiply”!

Gianni and Angela have been passionate missionaries for 36 years and not lost their fervor to see precious people find faith in Jesus Christ and then be planted in vibrant local churches to begin building the Kingdom of God.

Gianni is from the south of Italy near the Mediterranean with a French mother and Italian father. Angela is from a farm in beautiful Cornwall in the southwest of England. As a child she loved reading the story of Heidi, dreamt of the mountains, and so now is very at home in central Europe on the outskirts of Vienna.

The Gaetaʼs are multilingual, multicultural, passionate lovers of Jesus and His church, and ambassadors for His Kingdom.
They founded and lead the church planting movement, ‘Life Church’, with 15 congregations so far. They have established a ‘Life and Leadership Academyʼ where they train and mentor men and women to be societal agents of change and they dream of duplicating this model throughout Europe.

Gianni and Angela are also conference speakers, church advisors, and grateful parents of three adult children and doting grandparents of two little girls.

They are truly living the motto: “Great Churches can transform a nation!“


The LifeLinks International Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba is a significant event for our church network. Each year hundreds of attendees from LifeLinks churches in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa come away strengthened in their relationships with other leaders and renewed in energy and vision for ministry!

Our 2023 conference is a great opportunity for leaders, from all areas of our church ministries, to gather in Winnipeg and be inspired and trained to go to the next level in multiplying disciples, leaders, and even churches –  so we can more effectively see the Kingdom advance!


LifeLinks is a relationallybased worldwide family of churches that focuses on the essentials of Christianity rather than areas of controversy. We believe that a healthy relational foundation allows people from varying doctrinal backgrounds to excel together in Building Churches that Advance the Kingdom. Churches within LifeLinks have a real sense of identification with one another. Strong regional, national, and international relationships are formed as congregations partner to plant new churches, serve together on short term missions teams, participate in ministry and youth training programs, and attend network conferences and camps.


For this year’s conference we’re using the Holiday Inn Winnipeg South as our exclusive hotel for out of town guests. Please click the button below for more information and to gain access to a link where you can see pricing and room types available. You can book by using that link or calling the hotel directly. For your convenience, a free shuttle is also available to transport conference registrants to and from the Holiday Inn hotel to the conference.”